Support the Lebanon Skate Park

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We at the Lebanon Skatepark Committee

We are ramped up for the good weather 2021 is bringing to our area. With the current state of schooling, city/state restrictions and daily life challenges we are in need of providing a safe, constructive and healthy spot for the kids of our community. With schools being at half or less capacity it has driven the attendants at the park to its highest capacity ever, the most used city park that all types of people and ages come together to enjoy. Unfortunately, we have kids that are hungry, lacking structure and just not being taught how to interact with others in a positive way. We at Lebanon Skate Park recognize and are taking action on this. Our words and actions will impact people's lives for generations to come.

We have a couple of ways to donate so you can feel good at what the end result of your donation gets.

  • Food:
    • The Lebanon Skate Park has recruited local restaurants to provide Friday night meals this summer to the park. $5 provides 1 meal for one kid. Board members and fellow skaters will bring the dinners to the park Friday evenings, do a weekly clean up, and serve the kids a dinner provided by one of our local restaurants. A $5 meal directly impacts our local restaurants and provides a connection in our community to our local skaters. $5 donation=1 dinner.

      The community voiced concerns regarding activities by our youth at the park.  Reconnecting with the youth each week, bringing a warm locally cooked meal, and rebuilding the relationships we have with the kids in our community.  Help us help a local restaurant help our kids!

      Want to join the Lebanon Skate Park in supporting a good cause? We are raising money for Lebanon Skatepark and your contribution will make a direct impact in your community to both participating restaurants and the Lebanon Skatepark, whether you donate $5 or $100. Every little bit helps. Thank you for your support. Help by donating! Use the Paypal button on the top of this page, or contact us.

  • Apparel:
    • Lebanon skate Park has an apparel line of clothing and sk8 goods from body to deck we can cover it. Our goods are designed and discussed with our park crew looking at what works best and not so much making what we sell changing out with the times so if you think you have seen what we have take another look, it might have changed
  • Sponsored Events:
    • Want to sponsor an event? This is great for business or individuals that have the extra money to do so. What is an event? Lebanon Skate Park hosts a number of sponsored events;

Sk8 Competitions

  • Our sk8 competitions are held every summer and range from 3 to 1 per year, depending on conditions. All ages, no entry fee and fun is required.
    • What will your donation go to?
      • Food, we have a dinner in the middle of the competition that is free for all. Drinks and food until they are gone.
      • Prizes, we give away a lot of items like skate decks, wheels, trucks, grip tape, shirts, stickers, cash and more. We have some businesses that donate their products but not all the time making it a need to come up with the remainder.
      • General items, plates, napkins, banners, signs, media promotions

DIY builds

  • Building- What will your donation go to?
    • new sk8 features, benches, items for the park, personalized gifts to take home and so much more.
    • Building materials, food for the event, water, hand out incentives to continue to volunteer in our community and promoting.

All funds go directly to restock, meals, events, and general tax-fees our board incurs over the year. We are a non-paid board, 100% goes into our vision.

We now have a 15000 square foot skate park that is built by skaters for skaters through donations and grants. 

We are also looking for donated materials. Please contact us if you are willing to donate.

As you know, we are a non-profit, tax deductible organization.